How to master Instagram for service-based businesses

Instagram, the online mobile photo and video sharing social networking service, has long been a marketing domain for businesses with products. Instagram’s some 400 million active monthly users (Source: blog.Instagram) are continually browsing their Instagram feeds, primarily on their mobiles, enjoying images from their friends, but also from the brands that they follow. They might…


5 Content Creation Tools You Need For Social Media

Social media content is meant to be just that; social. This type of interaction with consumers is fast becoming standard, and it’s one of the most useful marketing tools in your arsenal. You’re bypassing traditional methods and connecting with people on a personal level, where they’re most comfortable. Businesses utilise these platforms to engage with…

Are you sure you want to post that?

Are You Sure You Want to Post That?

We often hear about how social media is changing our lives (in a positive way, and sometimes, not so much), but regardless of your opinion, there is no doubt that the ever-changing online social landscape has affected how we do a lot of things. It seems that we have to always be careful with what…

big data and analytics

It’s a whale of a tale

In 2015 big data and analytics will be all about focusing on the most relevant data for insight into what will turn investment into return. More organisations will also look at how automated data can add value to their business with deep insight technologies. In December 2014 Scarborough Beach (Perth) had an unexpected visitor in the form of a 30-tonne humpback whale carcass.