What or where on earth are ‘hidden cities’?

This is a reference to ‘hidden city ticketing’, a primarily US phenomenon.

Here’s an example. Among discount airlines in the USA, sometimes a ticket from LA to New York via Chicago (LAX-CHI-JFK) is cheaper than a ticket from LA to Chicago (LAX-CHI) direct. So a passenger wanting a LAX-CHI flight could save money by buying the first type of ticket and then discarding the CHI-JFK leg.

Be social dont do social

Remember To Be Sociable

So here’s the thing, it’s the end of the first quarter for the year  and with it another round of coaching and training courses and I am struck by a startling albeit simple realisation.

Some people are just not cut out to be a “Seriously Social” business.


Twitter's Periscope

Down Periscope: The legal ramifications of Social Media’s latest tool

In the last few weeks a new breed of Social Media applications have arrived. Twitter’s Periscope, and its rival Meerkat offer users the opportunity to either produce, or watch, live streamed video and audio of day to day life. Viewers can comment in real time about what they are seeing, and users can monitor live the number of people watching them eat some fruit, roller skate through a park, or propose to their partner.

Social media branding

You’re The Brand Embrace It

For most service based organisations, they can invest squillions into restructuring, advertising, processes, logos etc. But the most common thing organisations seem to forget is that their people are their brand. Service offering organisations like law firms don’t have a product. We don’t have a fancy piece of technology that can be touched, seen, heard etc. You are our brand. Accept it.

Embrace it. You represent us.


Digital business skills for online retailers

“On 24 September 2014, the Office of the Small Business Commissioner (with support from the Adelaide City Council) hosted a rare line-up of eCommerce industry heavyweights to give South Australian retailers a glimpse at the future of retail and how they can make online work for them.”  eBay Mainstreet

Since I have apparently graduated to digital heavyweight I thought I should probably share the great takeaways I got from the session.

HootSuite and WeiBo

HootSuite and Weibo, Social Media And China

Facts about China & Sina WeiBo

China has the world’s biggest internet user base in nowadays, and it is up to 600 Million people and growing. China also has the world’s most active environment for social media platform. Besides there are lots of serious law regulations to manage the social media platform in China; and every business activity must require to follow the national law in the occur location.


Four Golden PR Rules in The Age of Social Media

With the immense popularity of social media, the traditional landscapes of public relations (PR) through newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals have completely changed. Gone are the days where PR professionals would subscribe to print publications to get the latest stories that they can use for their “newsjacking” strategy, or the practice of injecting your marketing ideas into recent news to generate more followers. Unlike radio and TV commercial spots, social media channels provide PR companies with cost-efficient means of publishing press releases and digital contents (audio, video, and creative visuals).

image courtesy of The Think Tank (via Flickr Creative Commons)