Google+ Plus For Business

Google Plus For Business

Why Google Plus Can Equal Success

Everybody knows that Google is the King of the search engines. Football scores, movie times, the lyrics to that song you can’t get out of your head – Google knows it all. But did you know that Google has more to offer than just the answers to the mysteries of the universe?


Social Media Revolution 2014 #SMR14

Last week brought one of the most informative social media events of the year, Social Media Revolution, known better to the twitter folk as #SMR14. You may not be a fan of the hash tag, but this little symbol definitely has some power, the whole event was promoted via a tweet, proof that social media really is the way of the future.

Snapchat for business

10 Tips For Businesses On How To Use Snapchat


Our attention span is constantly decreasing, in fact over the last ten years it has dropped from 12 minutes to a mere five minutes. This makes Snapchat and its short, seconds long video and images, the ultimate tool to increase the reach of your brand or business. Snapchat allows you to share branded, unique and interesting content with a large audience, or even individuals.


Instagram Downage Causes Foodie Meltdown

Over the last few weeks you with public holidays and the like you may missed some of the more interesting topics, surfacing on social media. Instagram briefly went down during the wee hours Australia time and users all over the world began a tweeting frenzy as the popular photo sharing app stopped working for a few hours. The thousands of people attending the music festival Coachella in America seemed to be the most affected.

Unable to post their selfies and blurry action shots of the musicians, Twitter feeds quickly filled up with some quite amusing tweets, with popular actor David Spade’s tweet going viral.

Social Media Solutions for Business

Social Media for Business is a team sport

Why you need Social Media Coaching Packages

I’m guessing that right now you are reading this – possibly alone? You might of even clicked on this post because you are tired of trying to figure out what good Social Media for Business looks like.

The good news is that this is not a problem unique to you. I encounter it in my classes all the time, in fact it has been one of the biggest issues as a trainer.

How do I ensure my clients go on to build on their learning’s and create a wider and more effective Social Network.

How can you avoid becoming disheartened, overwhelmed or simply losing interest? After all Social Media Marketing is an endurance sport that takes finesse and a certain degree of long term vision and planning.

So I am going to let you in on a secret, the fact is that like any activity Social Media is more successful if you have a game plan. It is also true that it can get easier the larger your Social Media Team is.