Things To Bear In Mind In A Social Media Storm

At this time of year with consumerism at its peak, with it comes the inherent risk of an unhappy customer.  The thing that we are referring to specifically and most prevalent during the holiday season is how easy it is for a business to find themselves in the middle of a social media storm of negativity.  Social media has given rise to a new way for people air their grievances, and many feel that this gets a better response than in store or via a call centre.



What you can do with LinkedIn and advertising

I think it’s reasonably fair to say that PPC or pay per click advertising has been really well established for a very long time by Google and widely used by businesses across Australia.

With the advance of Social Media Platform advertising on Facebook, Twitter (still in beta) and LinkedIn it is important to evaluate where you choose to spend your PPC budget and how well it works for you.

So here is a brief overview of the advantages of using LinkedIn as part of your advertising spend.


A Very Social Media Christmas

So Christmas is just around the corner and whilst many businesses are looking forward to the Christmas break and postponing marketing decisions until they return in the new year.  We are doing the exact opposite, and are advising our clients to prepare themselves to have a very social “media” Christmas.


Why you ask?



Great Leaders are like the Best Conductors

The great leaders are like the best conductors they reach beyond the notes to find the magic within the players.

So here’s a thought what if everyone in this room was part of your own business what’s more what if this was your weekly strategic meeting?

What if this was your opportunity each week to meet and engage with the key players in your team?