event activation using social mediaSo what is event activation using social media?

Whenever we put on an event, we always want to make the most of the brand exposure we could get in the lead up to, during, and after the event.  Events offer an excellent opportunity to positively showcase your brand or business, and when used properly, social media gives us the chance to extend the reach and prolong the duration of this.  But often event organisers are under the pump with tight deadlines and multiple stakeholders which means social media is regularly an afterthought, when it is often too late.  Having a clear plan of attack right from the beginning around stakeholder engagement across wider networks and building digital communities around the event gives you the best chance of maximising your PR and marketing outcomes.

Engage Social Media AOK for your next event and we will work alongside you to map out an event activation strategy for social media.  This is perfect for conferences, awards presentations, product launches, fundraisers, media launches, sporting events, or any other event that is bringing together large groups of people.


Build the Buzz on Social Media

Our social media event strategies showcase how we ‘build the buzz’ prior to an event – extending brand reach, increasing attendance, leveraging the social networks of keynote speakers or presenters, and giving your valuable sponsors additional brand touchpoints and reach.


Live Event Activation on Social Media

After we’ve built the buzz, next comes the live event activation – this means engaging with attendees via social media, looking at Facebook Live streaming opportunities, live Tweeting, Tweet walls, Instagram photo booths, and more!


Prolonging the ‘Buzz’ on Social Media

And finally we want to prolong the buzz for as long as possible through follow-up engagement on social media that is used as a way to generate a larger and more engaged social media following for your brand.


Who have we worked with for event activation on social media?

  • Qualcon
  • BNI South Australia
  • City of Prospect
  • AMI SA
  • Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia
  • Loftus IT


If you’d like to discuss event activation on social media for your business, brand or organisation – just give the team at Social Media AOK a call.  We start with coffee.

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