We offer a range of social media business services

Here at Social Media AOK, we live and breathe social media. And we’re here to give businesses and brands like yours a whole new lease on life. Our social media business services connect you with broader markets and customer bases across an exploding social media community.

social media business services

Providing easy social media training is our specialty, and it’s something we know we’re good at. We conduct workshops and company based Social Media training, across Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Hobart and regional centers.

We have the ability to help you set up your own social media, or manage it for you with the use of integrating ideal platforms and applications.

The Result: A tailored, social marketing solution for your business or organisation.

It takes serious business experience and broad social media knowledge to effectively manage a brand’s social media. And, Social Media AOK offers you 15 years of it.

What’s more, ongoing consultation with Social Media AOK generates ongoing business benefits;

Social Media Asset Acquisition:

Claiming your business name on social media platforms ensures your business name is consistently seen (and remembered) across all social media platforms.

Including the big ones; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, Google Plus and many more.

Dashboard Integration and Training:

Managing all your social media from one point? Oh, yes you can! We’ll make your social marketing more effective in WAY less time.

Social Media Strategy and Planning:

Need short-term and long-term goals? We’ve got it. A targeted social media plan that understands your ideal client and knows exactly how to connect with them.

Ongoing Social Media management:

Connecting, growing, problem-solving. This is all included with Social Media AOK’s support packages, where we can manage your social media and troubleshoot!

Brand Reputation Management:

Yes! Social Media AOK can monitor & manage your brand’s reputation. Simply ask us how!

Risk Management & Disaster Recovery:

Ever been frustrated by problems, risks, and disasters? No problem! The AOK team can fix the issue, generally save the day across your social media platforms if it all goes horribly wrong.

Group Staff Training, One on one Coaching:

Social Media AOK have workshops, knowledge, and the tools to empower your staff in all things Social Media Network related. Pick for just yourself, or your whole staff!