Measuring campaign effectiveness is often ignored, but it’s critical. With Social Media AOK you’ll have every tool under the sun monitoring your brand online. As social media monitoring providers we are committed to supporting you by utilising all the tools at our disposal.

Customer insights are gold. That’s why social media monitoring is also invaluable, capturing customers’ opinions, attitudes and motivations about your business.

What’s more, information sourced through monitoring can help build action plans as well as solve issues.

With Hootsuite Accreditation, Social Media AOK offer all the monitoring tools to monitor, support and guarantee the success of your brand.

The Hootsuite Dashboard helps our clients to monitor their network accounts and answer client queries, quickly and personally.

We have access to a range of other monitoring tools, which we use for different clients, depending on their unique needs.

Given that Social Media is a 24/7 concern and people have expectations of queries being answered in a timely fashion, social media monitoring can ensure that a query or comment doesn’t slip through without being answered.

As your social media monitoring provider we support your marketing efforts by keeping an eye on your digital real estate to ensure that it is well cared for and maintained and your neighbours are happy.


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