Social Media Strategy services encompass a wide range of options to support your business in getting the most out of it’s use of social media and defining measurable KPI’s and returns on both your time and dollar investment.

With more brands, businesses, customers using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube and so on, a targeted social media strategy is crucial.

Business owners want online marketing that finds, engages and connects. Starting fresh conversations, sharing ideas and content with new customers and generating more business is the bottom line.

As business owners and managers, we know what our business goals are and what we need to do. Social Media AOK helps businesses translate that knowledge into a Social Media Strategy that can support the achievement of goals that you’re seeking.

Business strategy

Step 1 – Your Social Media Plan

Knowing what constitutes a social media strategy is essential. Before thinking about what to say, first you must consider your target market.

As soon as you’ve found the right market, you’ll be able to understand what social media channels they’re likely to use.

Knowing who they are, where they are, what they’re after will help your business engage with them.

We specialise in facilitating key stakeholders within the business to get a solid grasp on who their audience is, and where they are playing to ensure maximum impact of your marketing message as well as teaching businesses how to engage effectively with their online community.


Step 2 – Your Social Media Action Plan

Once you have created your social media plan, putting it into action is much easier.

Here’s where you get the know-how for when you’re ready to hit your ‘go’ button! Where your business can make the most from strategically targeted social media marketing.

It’s based on and integrated into, your core business plan and existing marketing strategy, so you’ll be ready to jump into action with your very own Social Media  “Game Plan”.

What’s more, Social Media AOK puts 18 years of business management experience behind your online marketing strategy.

Our 100% business orientated planning ensures that crucial areas are all covered so your social media “Game Plan” nails it.


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